On 15 November 2017, the State of Penang, Malaysia, was devastated by floods caused by a 15-hour incessant rainfall.

IAHV Malaysia immediately initiated a Flood Relief Campaign, and directed more than 200 IAHV volunteers to survey damages and locate needy families.

Among the affected areas are: Juru, Prai, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam and Sungai Petani.

For the following 15 days, IAHV volunteers visited 28 areas in Perai and Kedah to distributed essentials and cleaned homes of elderly folks living alone, and single-parent families.

Cleaning, sterilising and removing unbearable odor with the use of bio-enzyme technology helped to protect and sustain the environment. IAHV also supplied edible enzymes prepared with honey and apple vinegar to strengthen the immune system of those affected by the flood.


Distributed Items Include:

1,000 bags of rice,
2,400 bottles of 500ml water
1,300 loaves of bread
100 packets fried rice noodles
320 boxes Milo drinks
190 cans instant cereal; incl. other foodstuffs
150 comforters
bathing products


IAHV is one of the few NGOs who distributed furnitures.

On the second day of the disaster, IAHV volunteers visited severely-affected areas such as Kampung Jawa in North Perai, resulting in IAHV’s decision to go further in helping the disaster-ridden people. Impoverished families in desperate need of help were given basic furnitures to ease their burden.

Distributed Furnitures Include:

1,000 plastic (water-proof) cabinets
25 single bed iron frames
489 single mattresses
33 iron bed frames
20 wooden bed frames
68 double beds mattresses
48 double-door wooden wardrobes
40 three-door wooden wardrobes
2 gas stove cabinets
6 kitchen cupboards
584 pillows
21 gas stoves
17 rice cookers
70 wooden chairs.


The affected folks and IAHV Malaysia are grateful to all donors, sponsors, supporters and volunteers for their selfless contribution. Thank you.