IAHV Malaysia had initiated 2 programs in both Thailand(2012) and Philippines(2013). As time passed, the programs are completed.



Phil-Empowerment Program

On November 3rd, 2013, the destructive powerful Typhoon Haiyan killed more than 6,000 people, demolished a million homes and left 6 million survivors homeless. This catastrophe is Philippines’ deadliest and most damaging recorded typhoon.

IAHV Malaysia and Thailand sent a group of 11 dynamic volunteers to help the already poor survivals in the remote rural areas on the hills and isolated small islands at northern Cebu. A survival from Jibitnil Island recalled how they survived their desperate first week on rain water and banana shoots. Within a short period of 10 days, our volunteers tiredlessly standing in the forefront providing emergency relief kits to more than 5,000 survivals and conducted trauma relief workshops (breath and sound therapy) for 4,000 survivals. “I could not sleep at night because I was so scare hearing to the hustle winds tapping on my roof, it reminded me how dreadful the typhoon was, and how I struggled for my survival. After the breathing therapy I felt my whole body became lighter and very relax. Now I can sleep well at night.,” said one of the survival in Daan Bantayan.

Beside Cebu, IAHV has reached Tacloban, the worst hit area on the beginning of February 2014. There were severe hygiene issue reported, many people were affected by dengue fever, Chikungunya fever and eye infections. After careful field research, IAHV launched the long term Phil-Empowerment Program for both Daan Bantayan and Tacloban victims.

The projects under the program including the Empowerment Workshop, Happiness Program, Eco-enzyme Workshop, Healthy Vegetarian Cooking Class and Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP).

Our focus is on providing the victims with practical living skills, train up local leaders to initiate a move to rebuild and uplift the whole community. We offer them self-sufficiency and survival skills, teach them how to fish instead of give them fish. This series of training programs focus on improving physical health and learning ability, encouraging healthy living style and clean environment, advocates human values and community service, aiming on creating a violence free society, disease-free body, stress-free mind and trauma-free memory.



Miracle Tree Project

The environmental damage at Chiang Rai, Thailand in the near 10 years have become a critical issue. Endless barren mountain range is the result of the traditional slash and burn agricultural method. The local people are majorty hill tribes migrated from Mynmar, lack of proper education on sustainable farming led to drying rivers, soil, erosion, land desertification, landslides and drastic shrinks of harvest. Living is getting tough yet they found no way out.

Upon understanding the conditions, IAHV initiated the Miracle Tree Planting Project with the support of the local people; aiming at conserving the mountains and at the same time achieving long-term economic sustainability for the poor.

Moringa tree and Paradise tree were chosen to kick-start the project because on top of reversing the impacts of land degradation, the matured trees can also provide food source, medical source and income, helping the communities to achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

IAHV’s contribution was recognised by the locals after a period of substantial efforts. In the beginning of 2013, the hill tribes agree to transfer a land utilit rights of 240 acres to IAHV for tree planting project. The once barren land is now green, covered by saplings. The mountain named after the founder of IAHV as “Sri Sri Mountain” by the hill tribes to express their gratitude towards the transformation brought by IAHV.